Oct 02, 2021

Pandemic Shooter's next big update! Our loyal followers on social media have already gotten some sneak peeks of what's changing in the upcoming update.
But now for a detailed summary of what's coming and what will change!

Multiplayer mode:

  • Bug fixes.
  • New maps.
  • New modes.
  • New GUI.
  • Everything is about to get a little more spacey!

Campaign Mode
The new campaign mode combines Pandemic Shooter and Pandemic Space Combat and tells the prequel story to Pandemic Space Combat!
It has always been our goal to combine our three games into one story!
Now, Campaign Mode prepares you for the space battles ahead.
Experience the first contact between the humans and the Toraks.
On 6 different maps with different tasks, you will have the opportunity to face the Toraks and obtain important items for the battle in Pandemic Space Combat!

During your battle against the Toraks in Pandemic Shooter, you will be able to collect useful items that you can use to craft weapons and ships in Pandemic Space Combat!
There will also be new skins and weapons to prepare you for Pandemic Space Combat that can be used in both games.

The current NFT skins can also be used in Pandemic Space Combat!

Planned is the Single Player / Campaign modus at the start of the closed beta of Pandemic Space Combat on 31.10.2021

by Andreas Hennersdorf