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Virtual goods
All virtual goods are limited in the total quantity and can be traded!
We identify the owners of the virtual goods by the Nft owned by the player

This is only a WebGL demo and does not reflect the real graphics of Pandemic World on PC and Consoles!
Buy your own club in Pandemic World!

The clubs are another source of income in Pandemic World.

You can hire real DJ's to stream their music live and attract other users to your club. The users pay you entrance and consume drinks. The perfect place to meet in Pandemic World, at any time of the day!

Pandemic World makes it possible and offers three different clubs:
- The one-room disco (10 available in total)
- The Club (5 in total available)
- The Night Club (2 total available)

We are looking forward to the first real party with live DJ!


Buy your Club

The purchase is made directly through TronLink!

Standard Disco
Diamonds: 50000
Room for 30 users
Drinks Bar
Available: 9
The Club
Diamonds: 150000
Room for 60 users
Drinks bar
Live DJ stream

Available: 4
Night Club
Diamonds: 250000
150 users total
Drinks bars
Live DJ stream in Various rooms
VR possible
Available: 0