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Pandemic World Shops

Open your own store!
Sell automated goods of daily needs or create your own items in Pandemic World.

Standard Shop I:
- Food
- Drinks
- Placed in Pandemic World

Standard Shop II:
- all the other goods lik: - Skins
- Furniture
- Clothing
Placed in Pandemic World Mall

A special highlight will be our real life stores with which it will be possible to sell real goods ingame.
For this we will integrate an interface for the most popular online store systems.
As currency for this we will accept TGCD and TGCT at first.

Virtual goods
All virtual goods are limited in the total quantity and can be traded!
We identify the owners of the virtual goods by the Nft owned by the player

This is only a WebGL demo and does not reflect the real graphics of Pandemic World on PC and Consoles!
Buy your Shop

The purchase is made directly through TronLink!

Standard Shop I
Diamonds: 20000
Standard Store I
Drinks, Food
Placed in Pandemic World
Available: 50
Standard Shop II
Diamonds: 45000
Standard Store II
All Items (2 categories)
Placed in Pandemic World Mall
Available: 0
Real Life Store
coming soon
Store system
Sell real goods
Available: 0