What is Pandemic Shooter?

PMS is a third person multiplayer shooter and offers you a mixture of Free2Play and Play2Earn. The ingame items such as weapons, skins, emblems, etc. are available as NFTs and can be bought in the ingame marketplace or won through various competitions

Participate in our daily tournaments and win PMD / KLV and ENJ.

Features and highlights

  • - Team Death Match
  • - Free For All
  • - Capture Of Flag
  • - Elimination
  • - Covert Point
  • - Gun Race
  • - Demolition
  • - Battle Royal
  • - Kill Confirmed
  • - Search And Kill


The Free Run is an open multiplayer game mode in which it is possible to collect various ingame items which are used for the further development of various items. There are also a lot of cross-game quests that can be completed in this game mode for other games like Pandemic Space Combat. The items come as NFT and can be traded with other players.


Play And Win
Take part in our Daily Competitions to earn points for the Weekly Ranking!

For the weekly ranking all multiplayer matches you complete will be counted.

The weekly proze pool is based on our earnings from the previous week and are paid out in KLV, PMD and JENJ


Pandemic Shooter

Q1 2023
  • release v1.5 (closed Beta)✔
  • Klever integration ✔
  • Enjin Jumpnet integration ✔
Q2 2023
  • New maps
  • Cross-game weapons
  • Cross-game skins
  • New game modes
  • Cross-chain ingame marketplace
  • level & match system
Q3 2023
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
Q4 2023
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • Release v2.0