Pandemic Diamonds
Pandemic Tokens

Our ingame currency
Our ingame currency

Pandemic Diamonds is our ingame currency for all our games and can then be used to purchase necessary ingame items
(Rarity: Normal) such as:
or serve as stakes for exciting events.

Current games:
➨Pandemic Space Combat (Q3 2021)
➨Pandemic Shooter (Q2 2021)
➨Pandemic World (Q2 2022)

Pandemic Diamonds are mined by our players in Space Combat and can be sold and traded in an in-game marketplace or through the Enjin marketplace.

To mine Pandemic Diamonds, you need Mining Stations in our game Space Combat.
The owners of these Mining Stations create the basis for a new in-game ecosystem and promote the mining of Pandemic Diamonds for our games.

There are a limited amount of Mining Stations available as NFT on the Enjin Marketplace.

10 JENJ per day will be droped to all those who have frozen their Pandemic Diamonds.

As an example:
Total Diamonds frozen: 100000
Your Diamonds frozen: 10000
Your drop: 1 Jenj

Download our Pandemic Connector App and freeze your Pandemic Diamonds

Our holder Token
Our holder token

The Token for our most loyal users!
You could win Pandemic Tokens in the last two years or buy them from users on different Exchanges.
Some have stocked up well and received TRX Drops in the last years for their frozen Pandemic Tokens.

How it works:
➨ Freeze your Pandemic Tokens in the Connectpr App
➨ Earn weekly JENJ
➨ Start 01.08.2021

The pool amount will be based on the ingame Item NFT sales.
For this purpose 15% of the income from the NFT sales will be distributed to the users who have frozen their Pandemic Tokens from the previous week.

Calculation example:
Sales (week 17)
492 Jenj = 73,8 Jenj Drop Pool in week 18

Income distribution
With the change to Enjin, the revenue distribution through NFT sales also changes as follows:

15% Pandemic Token Freezer
15% prize pools weekly contests
20% advertising / partners
40% development
10% Other / Buffer

This distribution will be provisionally valid until 12/31/2021
Changes after that are not excluded!