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Pandemic Multiverse creates cross-game blockchain items
that can be used as weapons, characters, and skins for all of its titles

Pandemic Games:

About Pandemic Multiverse
our history
Pandemic Multiverse

In June 2019, we launched TronGameCenter on the tron blockchain with our first game TronSpaceAdventure.
A very simple game, but one of the first on the Tron Blockchain that allowed its users to collect different tokens in weekly competitions and events without any investment. This was so well accepted that by May 2021 we offered 8 different "mini" games on PC and Android smartphones to our users.

Now, TronGameCenter has shed its skin and transformed into the Pandemic Multiverse.

The Relaunching on Enjin is complet
Pandemic Multiverse creates cross-game blockchain items that can be used as weapons, characters, and skins for all of its titles:
Pandemic Shooter
Pandemic Space Combat
Pandemic World

Using the powerful Enjin API and gas-free JumpNet blockchain, the Pandemic team was able to seamlessly manage the transition over to a new chain and ecosystem in just over a month.

By tokenizing its game items as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain, Pandemic is able to share NFTs across its entire ecosystem, adding value for players who can move their inventory between games—Pandemic's very own multiverse. Currently, our Pandemic Shooter is in open-beta and can already be downloaded and played.

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Our Partners:
You have a store or another blockchain based project and want to promote it ingame?
contact us and we will make you our offer!!.
With Features like:
Easily Copy, share and view your cryptowallets
Create your own Watchlist
and many more...

Eirik the Viking
a bedrock in the Enjin ecosystem and also known for his enjin backed NFT giveaways on Twitter and Telegram

Visit his channels and don't miss any of his giveaways!

Requently Asked Questions
You should know this
If you have any further questions, please feel free to visit our telegram or Discord channel
or send an email to help@pandemic-games.org.
Do I have to invest anything to play or win?
No, our games are free of charge just like many of our events. There are also free characters available for the start of the game.
What and how can I win?
You can win JENJ, Pandemic Diamonds and Tokens from our partners in various events or in the weekly ranking.

What do I need to play?
Currently, you only need a PC and an Enjin Wallet to play our games!
What is the best way to get in touch?
The fastest way for simple comprehension questions is to ask in one of our social media channels. There are always users or admins who can help. For technical problems please mail us.