Oct 25, 2021

TronGameCenter rebranding to Pandemic Multiverse and switch the blockchain from Tron to Enjin
Now it's been about 4 months since we switched from Tron to Enjin.
After some initial difficulties we managed to integrate our ecosystem into the one of Enjin (Jumpnet).

This concerns all 3 games

As we announced at the beginning of the migration to Enjin, we gave our Tron users the possibility to swap our ingame currency TGCD and our Holder Token TGCT to the new Enjin based tokens!
This is of course still possible until 31.12.2021!
The total number of TGCD and TGCT are constant and the swap takes place 1 to 1.

  • Swap 1 TGCT and you will receive 1 Pandemic Token.
  • Swap 1 TGCD and you will receive 1 Pandemic Diamond

The new tokens can be bought and sold on the EnjinX marketplace .

New features concerning the tokens:
Pandemic Diamonds

Our ingame currency can be used to buy ingame items as well as NFT's.
Freezing Pandemic Diamonds is possible in our Pandemic Connector App.
The daily drop pool is currently 20 JENJ / daily.
The distribution of the drop takes place every thursday.
Minimum Freez amount: 5000 Pandemic Diamonds

Please have a look at this article of the new income distribution from 01.01.2022 onwards

Pandemic Tokens
Our Holder Token, which has been available since the beginning of Pandemic Multiverse (formerly TronGameCenter) and could be won by our players in various games at the beginning.
For holding pandemic tokens in your Enjin Wallet you will receive a weekly share of our earnings.
The distribution of the drops takes place every monday.
Minimum holding amount: 5000 Pandemic Tokens

You still have Tron based TGCT and or TGCD ?
Then use the time until 31.12.2021 and swap them against our new Enjin based Pandemic Diamonds and Pandemic Tokens.

Detailed instructions on how to use the Pandemic Connector and how to swap can be found in this PDF file

by Andreas Hennersdorf