About us

What is Pandemic Multiverse?

In June 2019, we launched TronGameCenter on the Tron blockchain with our first Mobile Mini Games.
These Games allowed our users to collect different tokens in weekly competitions and events.

In May 2021, we switched from Tron to Enjin (Jumpnet) which allowed us to create our in-game items as NFT, creating a unique and decentralized in-game item ownership.

From that point on, we focused on the development of our three main games, Pandemic Sooter, Pandemic Space Combat and Pandemic World, which can be played on the PC and our Mobile Mini Games

In May 2023 we have decided due to differences and the not further development of the Enjin Jumpnet the change to Kleverchain which is currently still in progress!

Currently we are as already mentioned in the change from Jumpnet to Kleverchain!

This process takes some time, especially in our PC games must be changed a lot to bring all functions to the new chain.
Our mobile games like the Arcade Gaming Hall or 8 Ball Pool is already completely migrated to the Kleverchain and can be tested in the Open Beta.



Participate in our various competitions in all three games and win in the weekly ranking KLV and PMD and our Partner Tokens.
Check also our mobile mini games in the Arcade Gaming Hall or play 8 Ball Pool against real players.

Start now for free in only four steps

Download & Install

Download our PC Games(coming soon) or our Mobile Games on Google Play

The download links can be found in the respective section


Register ingame with your email address and confirm it!
Also this step is designed for you as simple as possible and is common in other PC / Mobile games.


When you log in for the first time, a Kleverchain based address will be created for you!
Secure your private key and / or import it directly into the Klever K5 wallet.

Play and Earn

Now you can start playing right away!

Check out each game and climb up the leaderboards to win KLV and our Kleverchain based Partner Tokens.

partners & blockChains



Looking for answers?

Do I have to invest anything to play or win?

No, our games are free of charge just like many of our events. There are also free characters available for the start of the game.

What and how can I win?

You can win KLV / PMD and our Partnet Tokens in various events, in the weekly ranking or in the Arcade Gaming Hall.

What do I need to play?

You only need a PC or Mobile (android) Phone to get started! Download our Apps and install your desired game and after registration you can start playing right away

What is the best way to get in touch?

The fastest way for simple comprehension questions is to ask in one of our social media channels. There are always users or administrators who can help you.